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Technické muzeum v Brně

Museum of Technology

The museum focuses on the development of science technology and industrial production in a wide range of industries - from handycraft industries to modern IT technology. There is also an instance, a unique collection of hydraulic machines, which is unparalleled in the Central Europe . Interesting is also the exposition of aviation history and plastic modeling, and visitors can review historic vehicles. Exposure handicraft lane consists of craft workshops in the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. The largest local attention is enjoying exposition called experimentarium, actually such technical game, which is permitted with each experimental models freely manipulate and observe the resulting reaction.

Jurkovičova vila

Villa of architect Dusan Jurkovic

Villa of Dusan Jurkovic was built in 1906 at the foot of the Brno Wilson Woods. Located on the street of Jan Necas and is one of the most important monuments of Art Nouveau architecture in Brno. Moravian Gallery in villa placed permanent exhibition "Dusan Jurkovic. Architect and his house. ", which is a fully restored central staircase hall, lounge with examples of different furniture sets and other rooms, which are located in the original information panels on Jurkovic work.

Hrad Špilber

Spilberk Castle

13th century castle dominates the city of Brno at the top of the same hill. The castle was founded by King Otakar II. The castle has undergone many significant changes. Originally Gothic style in the second half of the 17th century became a huge baroque impregnable fortress. A prison became and integral part later - casemates, located underground. Today casemates are used as an attraction for visitors. Since 1960, the castle Spilberk is a headquarter of the Museum of Brno and in 1962 the castle was declared a national monument.

Kartuziánský klášter

Carthusian Monastery

The former Carthusian monastery in Brno - Kralovo Pole is located in Božetěchova street. Moravian Margrave John Henry called Carthusians to Brno and in 1375 was issued deed of foundation. In 1387 it was already completed convent the main building and Holy Trinity church. During the Hussite wars the monastery probably was not damaged, but in 1468 the monastery was robbed and set on fire by an army of Matthias Korvin. In 1643 and 1645 the monastery complex was damaged by Swedish troops and soon after the end of the Thirty Years' War was again restored. In 1782 the Carthusian monastery complex came into use of army. The monastery is not open to the public, but you can admire the architecture of the monastery from the adjacent park. Today, among other things, the monastery is a seat of one of the faculties of the Technical University in Brno.

Near the guesthouse is located:

  • Sports center CESA (tennis courts, fitness center, floorball, table tennis...)
  • Technical Museum in Brno
  • Wailing Wall beneth the Palacký hill
  • Carthusian monastery in Kralovo Pole
  • Jurkovic’s villa
  • Natural monument Medlanecke kopce (suitable for jogging)
  • Sports hall Vodova

Museums and monuments in Brno:

  • Spilberk Castle
  • Villa Tugendhat
  • Dietrichstein palace
  • Palace of the Nobility
  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Moravian Gallery Brno
  • Anthrophos
  • Mendel Museum of Genetics

Tips for trips:

  • Brno reservoir
  • Marian Valley
  • Zoo Brno
  • Veveří Castle
  • Moravian Karst
  • Austerlitz Castle
  • Lednice – Valtice (Castle, gardens, minaret)